UV/LED Hard Gel – Intense White (2oz)

Quick Overview

IBD offers 8 new builder gels that are LED and UV curable!
New builder gels include Clear, Builder Clear, Pink II (cool pink), Pink III (cool pink), Pink IV (warm pink), Pink V (warm pink), Natural II and Intense White.
New Intense White provides the brightest white, and most crisp smile line for the perfect French look.
Cover Pinks and Natural give your French Manicure full coverage. No more worries about color sheerness.
New formula has the same leveling properties and viscosity as the current ibd builder gels.

The builder gel formula that is trusted and loved for decades is now offering 8 new LED/UV gels for creating the perfect French manicure. Now cures even faster under LED light.


  • LED and UV curable
  • Cover gels offer full color coverage
  • Intense White offers ibd’s brightest white
  • Same leveling properties and viscosity as current builder gels
  • IBD builder gel can be applied over tips and natural nails for added strength
  • No chipping or peeling
  • Lasts for weeks
  • Richly pigmented colors
  • Use with manicures and pedicures
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